ESG, Issue and Stakeholder Intelligence.

Industry leading actionable insight and foresight for world leaders.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Climate, Biodiversity, Governance

Real-time data, impact metrics and consultancy delivering clarity and foresight on the world’s most pressing environmental and societal imperatives. Materiality solutions. Strategy & Action.

About Polecat

Helping companies navigate the stakeholder and ESG landscape

Johnson & Johnson

Polecat Responsible Business Intelligence

Delivering real-time actionable ESG, Reputation and Risk Intelligence to your business.


Our industry leading analytics platform enables you to:
  • Track unlimited ESG and corporate issues and emerging trends
  • Understand stakeholders: NGOs, IGOs, governments, regulators, think-tanks and investors
  • Benchmark performance against competitors, leaders and peers
  • Multiple languages enabling geographic and market insights
  • Metrics that cut through noise and weight significance
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Enhanced search to enable quick insight to any issues:
  • Identify emerging themes and stories
  • Quickly see top countries and voices
  • Evaluate online and social media coverage
  • Enhanced sentiment functionality
  • Understand the themes developing under broad topics
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Polecat consultants partner to deliver insight that answers your most pressing questions and supports the strategic direction of your company:
  • Leverages the platform and expansive stakeholder data to deliver actionable insight
  • Deliver executive reporting, workshops, presentations and guidance
  • Strategic advice and counsel on sensitive issues management
  • Identify white space for proactive interventions

Polecat in Action

Reputational intelligence is 2023’s biggest competitive advantage

Reputational intelligence is 2023’s biggest competitive advantage

December 19, 2022

In 2007, when Polecat first opened its doors, supply chains had gone global and yet there was a global food crisis driven by a sharp escalation in worldwide commodity prices. The Cold War with Russia was also well over and yet NATO was…
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