Comprehensive ESG Data for ESG Reporting Software

Enrich your software with environmental, societal and governance intelligence in context

Gartner predicts that the ESG reporting marketing will reach maturity in 2027-29, with solutions still developing their capabilities and their data pool to look beyond companies’ internal activity.

Polecat’s responsible business intelligence™ platform is here to help, providing unparalleled access to ESG insight that can be integrated directly with your own ESG solution. Polecat’s dynamic and comprehensive data allows you to deliver dynamic, market and contextualised environmental intelligence to your customers.

  • Benchmark performance against the market
  • Monitor ESG trends and events in real time
  • Understand public and stakeholder perception

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Helping companies navigate the stakeholder and ESG landscape

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About Polecat

Polecat offers unparalleled access to insight for the world’s leading companies. Contextualising data from across the internet and social media, Polecat enables global companies to expertly manage reputational risk and create communication strategies that build competitive advantage.

Leveraging market-leading algorithms and unparalleled diversity and volume of data sources, Polecat’s AI-powered platform leads the way in brand and market analysis.

With Polecat you get

  • Real time alerts and quick reports
  • Cross-industry insights
  • Trends and topics that matter
  • Global media coverage
  • Proprietary algorithms and metrics
  • Unprecedented scale of data

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