About Us

Who We Are

Polecat is a leading technology company that equips the world’s largest companies with the tools to manage, influence and optimise their corporate reputation.

Polecat is a leader in reputation intelligence, going beyond risk-management to deliver the industry, competitor and influencer insight that organisations need to make better decisions and ensure they are in control of their future.

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What We Do

We elevate Corporate Reputation performance with robust real-time data and actionable intelligence.

We know that opportunity is everywhere, and so are we, scanning the horizon and the millions of conversations happening at any one time.

We harness market-leading algorithms and human expertise to give you 360° visibility on everything influencing your customers, competitors and investors.

Our customisable dashboards and board-ready reports are geared for strategic decision making. Clearly highlighting industry spanning trends to company level insights, they combine top-level clarity with drill-down precision.

Our People

Martin Gray

Senior Interaction Designer

Paul Orovan

Vice President of Sales

Angelena Lee

Vice President of Marketing

Alex Francis

Vice President of Engineering

Ivan Flos

Director of Customer Success

Cherry Ainsworth

Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand Strategy

Owen Badham

Product Marketing Director

Thomas Volk


Eric Loewe

Chief Analyst and Vice President for Customer Support

Anne Mason

Director of Operations

Karen Kaludov

North America Managing Director and VP for Reputation Risk

James Lawn

Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Bronwyn Kunhardt

Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Jeremy Stimson

Chief Technology Officer

Marcus Smith

Managing Director of Polecat EMEA and VP for Reputation Risk

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